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Research Network on Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are diseases which affect in particular young people aged between 20 and 30; the length of the affected parts of the intestine varies considerably. These life-long, usually intermittent illnesses impair patients' quality of life and their physical powers. Symptoms include frequent diarrhea, intense abdominal pain, considerable loss of weight, high temperature, etc.

The structures of the research network on intestinal diseases facilitate a new description of various types of these disorders and the introduction of completely new therapeutic approaches into patient care. For this purpose it is necessary to have access to a large number of patient data, which cannot be gathered reliably without such a research network. Through its work, the network will generate synergies and disseminate know-how to a wide range of users, which will directly result in improved patient care.


> Research Network on Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


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