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Research Network on Viral Hepatitis

Hep-Net / German Liver Foundation

In Germany almost one million people are chronically infected with hepatitis viruses. As a consequence, they may develop cirrhosis and/or cancer of the liver. In recent years great advances in treating hepatitis have been made also due to the work of the Hep-Net, meanwhile more than 60% of patients with chronic hepatitis C and most patients with chronic hepatitis B can be treated successfully.

HEP-NET is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The principal aim of HEP-NET is to establish uniform diagnostic and therapeutic standards and to develop new therapeutic options through horizontal and vertical networking. New scientific findings are to be applied by cooperation between teaching hospitals, regular hospitals, private practitioners and patients' self-help groups.

In 2006 the German Liver Foundation (www.deutsche-leberstiftung.de) was initiated in order to sustain the successful project Hep-Net after the cessation of the funding by the by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.



Research Network on Viral Hepatitis

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