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Competence Network on Multiple Sklerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is diagnosed to about 2,500 German citizens every year. The total number of patients suffering from MS in Germany is between 120 – 150,000. The etiology and the heterogeneity of the disease are still not completely understood today. To change this and in order to improve diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the disease-related competence network multiple sclerosis, which took up its work in the end of 2009.

For MS research in Germany, the competence network is an extraordinarily good chance of development. The collaborative and consortial work will make research more visible internationally and eventually bring improvements to MS patient care.

Key Aims

In an international review process in 2008, three consortia were elected for funding. They  represent the core of the new competence network (UNDERSTANDMS, CONTROLMS, CHILDRENMS). The consortia build up a common infrastructure and can be supplemented by further partners in later funding periods.

Researchers and physicians of the KKNMS are devoted to MS research. UNDERSTANDMS is specifically focused on understanding the disease pathogenesis,  CONTROLMS  deals with diagnosis and therapy research, CHILDRENMS deals with the assessment of forms of MS in children.

The combination of research techniques and strategies at different layers gives the network a high potential for developing new therapeutic and diagnostic methods, and thus for improving patient care in Germany. Moreover, the German competence network MS will act as a reference for current and future questions about the disease, including guidelines and statements on the diagnosis and therapy.

The three research consortia are linked by a comprehensive management structure.


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