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Competence Network on Diabetes mellitus

The competence network diabetes mellitus integrates seven consortia including 24 research projects at different institutions throughout Germany.

The aim of the new network is to improve healthcare provision by generating new insights into the development, prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Optimum healthcare is especially important in the early stages of disease, when complications and their impact on healthcare budgets are easier to prevent. A key focus of the new Diabetes Competence Network will be to improve the translation of research results into everyday medical practice. This competence will be available not only to national and international experts, but also to doctors, patients and the public at large.

The consortium “TREPPYD” focuses on the early pathogenesis and incidence of young-onset diabetes type 1. The consortium “Future paediatric diabetes FPD” investigates how to minimize supply and therapy deficiencies especially among children and adolescents. “AKROBAT” addresses regeneration and restoration of beta cells as therapy of diabetes. “DIAB-CORE” investigates research questions in epidemiology and public health of type 2 diabetes and their regional distribution and social determinants. „DIAMANT“ and „DECODIA“ explore the relationships between diabetes, depression and cognition in diabetes. The consortium “Biomarkers” uses novel technologies to identify metabolic biomarkers reflecting specific type 2 diabetes risk phenotypes and lifestyle intervention response.


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